The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership, by Art Kleiner, Jeffrey Schwartz, and Josie Thomson (Columbia University Press, 2019). 

How do you make the right decisions, time after time, in the face of extreme challenges?
How can you foster far-sighted leadership throughout your enterprise?
How do you build the capacity
to do better?
What does it take to change the world?
How do you prepare yourself, your team, and your organization to come out of the pandemic successfully?
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“To strike [the] balance between a wider perspective and the details, practice using your ‘Wise Advocate’ — a term described by 
Art Kleiner, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, and Josie Thomson…. These practices will help you answer critical questions in a transformation, such as: What is this organization here to do? What impact could we have if we reached our potential? What do we need to leave behind to make progress? …

“When an organization commits to meaningful change, its leaders face very challenging choices every day. The Wise Advocate is about what happens in those moments and how the best leaders move their cultures forward.”

Jon R. Katzenbach
Coauthor – The Wisdom of Teams and the Critical Few

About Us

Jeffrey M. Schwartz, PhD, Josie Thomson, and Art Kleiner

We are a global consultancy formed to help organizations face today’s most profound strategic leadership challenges.

Wise Advocate Enterprises was founded by neuroscientist and research psychiatrist Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., master executive coach Josie Thomson, and management and leadership expert Art Kleiner.

We are colleagues and co-developers of a unique body of work related to the inner voice of strategic leadership and its impact on business.

Together we have developed a unique perspective, combining insights from neuroscience, organizational learning, social psychology, and the study of ethical values.

As a global partnership, we bring together some of the world’s best thought leaders engaged in developing the skills of effective strategic thinking and the inner voice of the Wise Advocate.


Many organizations, particularly after the global pandemic, are asking people to step up to strategic challenges:
new ways of mobilizing people, motivating them, and holding them accountable. 

Leaders at all levels need better skills to manage decisions that fulfill long-term plans and goals –
while generating short-term results.

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If your enterprise is interested in licensing the Wise Advocate material, or you are interested in a keynote or workshop we welcome your enquiry info@wiseadvoc8.com: