Wise Advocate Applications

Applications: The Wise Advocate in Practice

In-Depth Coaching 

We have a roster of award-winning executive coaches skilled at applying neuroscience principles to help leaders develop their Wise Advocate inner voice and related skills. 

Training and Consulting

In sessions tailored to organizations, we can help high potential people learn to cultivate the acumen they need to balance High Ground and Low Ground leadership. 

Respectful Personal Development

We accomplish all of this in a way that isn’t glib or oriented to “checking the box,” and that doesn’t spark resistance. We build on the capabilities people already have in your company or organization. 

Keynote  Addresses

We can show your organization or group how to use neuroscience principles to come to terms with the challenges of the pandemic and post-pandemic era.


Sales Effectiveness

Working with the JM Reid Group, we help sales people move to a higher strategic level and capture more substantive, longer-term, lucrative opportunities. 


Organizational Development

With in-depth familiarity with the history and nature of OD practice, we bring to bear the habits of self-directed neuroplasticity and other key skills and practices.


Ethics and Systemic Issues

With our practical use of the Wise Advocate and High Ground techniques, we can help you build a reflective culture that prevents risky outcomes while maintaining your company’s entrepreneurial spirit. 


Wise Advocate Enterprises is a small enterprise that manages the ideas and practices emerging from this work. If you are interested in learning more contact us.