High Ground

The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership

There are two types of leadership common today:

  • Transactional – enabling you to make deals, solve immediate problems and please people. This is linked to the Low Ground pattern of mental activity.
  • Strategic – enabling you to challenge existing ways of thinking and accomplish great things. This is linked to the High Ground pattern. 

A great leader balances the Low Ground and High Ground, moving by choice between expedience (solving problems) and strategy (making a better world). By building more deliberate habits of mind, and refocusing your attention, you can influence the circuits in your brain and determine over time the kind of leader you can be.

You develop this practice by calling on your “Wise Advocate:” a mental construct associated with the inner voice of strategic leadership. In doing this, you practice third-person insight into your first-person experience – seeing yourself as others might see you, with full compassion and care for your success.

Wise Advocate Enterprises developed these ideas and is dedicated to helping you put them into practice. They are helping many people transcend the internal limits that them back as leaders of innovative organizations. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.

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