Upcoming Events

Join us for a free one-hour workshop: After Covid-19:
4 Challenges Every Leader Will Face

As the pandemic moves into its second quarter, you must get ready for the reopening of the economy. This means managing the narrative of your organization: how will you survive and recover, how is your strategy changing, and how do you marshal the commitment and capabilities of your people?

New research in neuroscience and leadership suggests that there are four major challenges affecting business leaders and employees in the next few months. Please join us for a free online Zoom-seminar about these four:

  1. Managing the anxieties, impulses and emotions raised by the pandemic
  2. Engaging with your customers and other stakeholders in new ways
  3. Managing the deceptive narratives that hold you and your organization back
  4. Balancing expedience and integrity: finding the right mix of short- and long-term decisions

Please join us for an online (Zoom-based) session about these four challenges and how to move past them: 

We’ll talk about ways of developing strategic leadership capability within your enterprise, helping your people raise their decision-making game, mixing short-term success with long-term strategy, and getting ready for the increase in activity that will occur during the next few months. 

Session 1

  • US (Eastern time): Tues, May 26 4:00pm
  • UK (London time): Tues, May 26 2100h
  • Australia (AEST): Wed May 27 6:00 AM (early birds)

Session 2

  • US (Eastern time): Wed, May 27 6:00PM
  • UK (London time): Wed, May 27 2300h (night owls)
  • Australia (AEST): Thurs May 28 8:00 AM

Session 3

  • US (Eastern time): Thurs, May 28 6:00 AM
  • UK (London time): Thurs, May 28 11:00h
  • Australia (AEST): Thurs, May 28 8:00 PM

Session 4

  • US (Eastern time): Thurs, May 28 8:00 PM
  • UK (London time): 
  • Australia (AEST): Fri, May 29 10:00 AM

Note: The material in all four sessions will be the same. At least one of the sessions will be recorded and posted here.
          If you want to attend, but the timing does not work for you, please write us.

Josie Thomson is the CEO of Wise Advocate Enterprises. She is an award winning executive coach based in Brisbane, Australia, who has pioneered the use of neuroscience principles in working with business leaders around the globe. She holds a masters in the neuroscience of leadership, and is a recognized leader in workplace mindfulness facilitation. Josie was awarded International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and 2015, The Women In Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 Silver Award in New York City, and is a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist. 

Art Kleiner is an eminent researcher and writer on management ideas and their practical applications. He was editor-in-chief of the award-winning management publication strategy+business, editorial director of Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline Fieldbook series, and author of The Age of Heretics. He is also a skilled trainer and consultant in issues related to the neuroscience of leadership, systems thinking and scenario thinking. He teaches courses about the future at New York University’s graduate-level Interactive Telecommunications Program. He lives in Connecticut, near New York City.

This session is based on the book The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership (Columbia University Press, 2019), coauthored by Josie and Art with their colleague Jeffrey M. Schwartz, PhD, research psychiatrist at UCLA.